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Relax in comfort at Bellevue Hotel and Spa! Choose from 35 rooms, enjoy our amazing spa, and savor delicious food at our top floor restaurant - all with stunning views!

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Client Feedback

Misrak Admassu

Misrak Admassu

I love this place. I will definitely come back again! The rooms are clean and nice, the people are extraordinarily! Excellent service!!!! I enjoyed the spa!

Joseph Feleke

Joseph Feleke

One of the nicest places in Addis... very nice staff, clean rooms and good food. A bit luxurious and they have an amazing club in the 13th floor... amazing and classy 

Woldu Gebremeskel

Woldu Gebremeskel

The rooms were clean and very comfortable and the staff was amazing. I had a wonderful experience at the hotel, every st

Bona Holdings

Bona Holdings

The staff were very hospitable, welcoming and extremely helpful with any need you may have. Great facilities such as good internet connectivity. The mountain view was absolutely breath-taking. I would stay there again. A big thank you to all the staff at the Bellevue for taking good care of us.